What is the difference between pigeon control and pigeon

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Without Hurting Them

It is illegal to kill pigeons or every other wild bird species because of the wording of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. This manner that the birds can only be repelled, and by using a long way, the exceptional way to scare pigeons and maintain nesting pigeons away is to use falconry.


There are a few merchandise that you can use to deter pigeons (extra on the ones under), however the use of birds of prey is amazing because of the reality this natural approach at once triggers the combat or flight response inside pigeons.

Our technique is to allow our birds to circle and fly over the problem vicinity on a regular foundation. Pigeons quick get the message that the territory is occupied through a predator, and could take wing and flow into on.

Using a herbal danger like that is the maximum humane and powerful manner to rid your private home of pigeons on an extended-time period basis. Falconry can deter pigeons and save you pigeons from turning into a nuisance to your house, and also you do now not need to fear approximately the use of spike strips or one-of-a-kind pigeon deterrents to get rid of pigeons.

Additional Procedures to Take to Keep Pigeons Away

When it includes figuring out a manner to take away pigeons, falconry is the most natural and effective shape of pest manage you can use. Pigeon Removal Gold Coast Precautionary measures like disposing of chicken feeders or leaving food and water out of chook feeders may be effective, however it’s going to likely take extra than refraining from the urge to feed pigeons to interrupt up the dependancy of roosting.

In all the following strategies, you need to ensure that anything form of pest manipulate you are taking, the pigeons may also emerge as acquainted with the gadgets, and therefore, you may want to exchange up the gadget sometimes to take away pigeons and keep them away.

Let’s explore some techniques to put off pigeons:

Anti-Bird Spikes

Anti-chicken spikes or ‘spike strips’ are a hard and fast of attachable spikes that can be established to a floor to prevent pigeons from perching or nesting in regions you need to preserve chicken-free. The spikes will not usually damage the birds, which is ideal with the intention to live at the proper aspect of the regulation; however, the spikes will deter the birds from setting up store anywhere the spikes are laid.

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