Preventing Elder Abuse

The abuse of elders is becoming a huge problem for us in the western world. There is so much abuse out there and it is everyone’s business to eradicate it altogether if possible.

Every week or two in the news, we seem to learn that one or two staff in a retirement facility were abusing one or more elders who live in the residence. This behaviour is unacceptable on all levels. But it continues to appal us day after day and week after week. Is there anything that can we can do about it? The short answer is yes! In this article, I will outline a few simple concrete steps that anyone could take to ensure that their loved ones and are protected.

On a large scale, big changes are hard to implement. However, on a smaller, individual and community scale, small consistent changes can made to help the most vulnerable among us have a good end of life without being abused.

There are different kinds of elder abuse. Some is physical abuse which consists in shoving, kicking, hitting, punching or pinching an elder person. Yes, there is the accidental physical kicks and flicks. That is permissible since accidents happen to everyone. However, we should take steps to look for patterns. And if there is continuous accidental shoving or pushing, we need to do some further examination.

Another kind of abuse is psychological or mental abuse. This kind of abuse tends to consist of screaming, demeaning, exaggerating or simply putting down an elder. So, statements such as, you are so stupid, sit down and shut up, or you have no right to be in this recreation room, for instance, are all examples of psychological abuse.

So, how can we prevent elder abuse? Here are a few things to try if you suspect a loved one in a retirement home is experiencing abuse.

• Talk to your loved one and ask what she has experienced. Believe him or her and don’t second guess him or her.
• Arrange to meet with someone in charge from the retirement facility to discuss the problem.
• Put in a surveillance camera in the room or place where you suspect the abuse is occurring to your loved one.
• If you suspect abuse is occurring, it may be time to move your loved one into another retirement facility if that is possible.
• Be understanding and kind to your loved one. Always understand where she is coming from.
• Always take your loved one’s avowals of abuse seriously. Never ignore her pleas.

By changing how you view abuse and believing that your loved one is indeed telling you the truth is very important in circumventing elder abuse check senior care franchise.

Take every step that you can to communicate with your loved one and with the retirement facility. Don’t just file one complaint either. Don’t give up and keep complaining because not only the well being of your loved one is at stake, but the lives and well-being of many others as well. This is because where there is one instance of abuse, sadly there are usually many others as well.

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