Event Management: Definition, Key Aspects and Skills

An occasion manager oversees the design, set-up, and execution of occasions that convey human beings together. These events can run from small networking meetings with a few dozen visitors to big-scale meetings with heaps of attendees over numerous days—and the entirety in among.


No matter their scope, managing activities is usually a people-centric undertaking. Your purpose is making sure humans get the maximum from a given occasion, and you work carefully with humans to gain that aim.


Event Planners Read on to analyze what makes event management a profitable profession (in case you’re a human beings person!), the essential capabilities of a a hit event manager, and the secrets and techniques of success from top professionals.


What is occasion management?

Event management is a mission control career centered on each element of activities, from choosing a place to following up on guest delight.


What’s the difference among the function of an occasion manager and of an event planner?

For the most part, those job titles are synonymous. Any differences that do exist between the roles mainly come down to how groups and event specialists outline the positions for themselves. For example, some might also outline occasion managers as working simplest on big-scale occasions or dealing with event-day duties greater than pre-event planning.


But, when you search each phrases on LinkedIn or different task forums—many of the identical positions flip up in the results, as do ‘event dressmaker’ jobs. Also, the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics puts all of these positions beneath the single occupational category ‘Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners.’


What are the levels of the event management method?

There are five simple levels of event control, even though every step carries a couple of obligations. Additionally, busy occasion managers are normally at distinctive ranges for severa events at any given time.


Research, goal setting, and viability assessment

Whether you’re an in-house corporate event manager, otherwise you run an occasion control enterprise that works with diverse customers, the first stage is defining the objective of your event and assessing the feasibility of the event. In many times, this will appear self-glaring. The typical occasion goal is to elevate cash for a new library wing, celebrate a corporation’s twentieth anniversary, or roll out a new product.

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