Chiropractic Adjustment

While a chiropractic adjustment can be very uncomfortable, it is actually quite safe. A cracking sound and sensation are common during the procedure. Many people find relief after the first visit, and others need two or three treatments before experiencing any change. The process is used for patients with back, neck, or head pain. It is covered by most health insurance plans. The American College of Physicians recommends this treatment for patients with low back pain. It is an alternative medicine treatment for people who have experienced back pain.

The chiropractor will perform an examination and discuss the patient’s medical history. They will then analyze the patient’s posture and examine the range of motion. They may use X-rays and computed tomography scans to determine the condition. A chiropractor will then apply a gentle force to a specific joint system to restore proper function. The doctor will then carefully push the joint through its full range of motion, which will often involve a ‘pop’ sound.

After a chiropractic adjustment, your body will respond with increased mobility, less pain, and improved overall health. The amount of time you spend receiving treatment depends on your body’s reaction to the adjustment. Generally, a patient needs one or two chiropractic treatments to achieve the maximum benefit. During a first visit, you should expect to experience slight discomfort. However, the process does not feel painful. In most cases, patients experience some minor discomfort during the procedure.

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